Usage instructions NanoVein

NanoVein is provided in the form of gel and capsules, used to treat varicose veins, thrombosis, related diseases. High efficiency, ease of use are its main advantages.

NanoVein used to treat varicose veins, thrombosis, related diseases

Indications for use

The medical complex from varicose veins NanoVein has a complex effect. Capsules are intended for oral administration. They strengthen blood vessel walls, return elasticity, fight against thrombosis. Gel for external use relieves swelling of tissues, restores blood flow, if prolonged use disappears a feeling of heaviness in the limbs.

Gel and capsules NanoVein indicated for the following symptoms of venous insufficiency:

  • pain in the legs;
  • vascular mesh;
  • bulging veins, knots, bumps;
  • constant feeling of heaviness;
  • the swelling of tissues.

The drug is safe, it needs to be in direct testimony or as a preventive measure. If you spend a lot of time on their feet, active in sports, to protect yourself from varicose veins is possible by means of such compositions.

Composition NanoVein

Gel NanoVein includes the following natural ingredients:

  • nutmeg;
  • horse chestnut;
  • allicin;
  • lycopene.

The capsules are the following:

  • elastin;
  • esculin;
  • rutin;
  • horse chestnut;
  • chili;
  • the marine collagen.

If you use both of these tools in the complex, following the instructions for use, the components work synergistically with each other. Provided by synergistic effect, there is a rapid relief.

Contraindications, side effects

The tool has almost no absolute contraindications. It cannot be used only for patients with individual intolerance to the components of the composition. Capsules and gel are well tolerated by the body. In rare cases, there local reaction – rash, itching. Before the first use is to conduct the test, causing a small amount of gel to a limited area of the skin. If no reaction, you can use the drug in accordance with the instructions.

Rules of admission

In the detailed description to the drug, which is in each package, there is information about how to use the gel and pills. The agent for external use is applied to the entire surface of the legs with gentle, circular movements morning and evening. The gel leaves no greasy residue on clothing, so it can be used before going out or before going to bed. The capsules are taken twice a day one, followed by a sufficient volume of water. The treatment lasts a month, the improvement is already noticeable at day 3-4 after initiation of therapy.

Efficiency NanoVein

The drug NanoVein presented in Austria in the free market. It can be purchased in a pharmacy or a specialized online store. The tool has proven efficacy. Research and testing indicate that after one month of applying the gel and capsules NanoVein in 94% of patients significant positive trends. It can be taken for the prevention of venous insufficiency and the effects of the disease. The integrated use of tools for external and internal use to minimize the risk of complications and surgical intervention. You need time to start therapy.