Massage for varicose veins

The scourge of modern man in his heyday is varicose veins. The disease diminishes the quality of life, manifested by increased fatigue, heaviness, swelling, and the unsightly appearance of the legs, which is especially overwhelming for women. Varicose veins can be completely cured just by surgery. To keep the lower extremities in a normal state and delay the development of the disease, doctors recommend comprehensive conservative treatment. Some types of leg massage with varicose veins, along with medication, compression stockings, and physical activity, work well in the early stages of the disease.

It is possible to have a foot massage with varicose veins

When asked if it is possible to massage the legs with varicose veins, doctors respond - it is possible and necessary. But with some reservations. The procedure will only be beneficial in the early stage of the disease. Pronounced nodules and vascular network should not be touched as it can be fatal and cause a strong deterioration of the condition.

Protruding tortuous veins are an absolute contraindication for any physical impact. In these cases, varicose veins are complicated by inflammation of the veins, in which blood clots form. As a result of the physical impact, there is a threat of a blood clot separating and blocking vital blood vessels by it.

It is possible to have a foot massage for varicose veins at home. Self-massage helps a lot - it can even be done at work to relieve fatigue and restore efficiency.

In some cases, the use of massagers is allowed, but only after consulting a phlebologist.

professional varicose vein massage

How massage for pathology works

There are several techniques used for varicose veins and all are mild. The effect of massage on varicose veins in the lower extremities:

  • improves blood and lymph flow through vessels;
  • increases fluid outflow from tissues, which reduces limb swelling;
  • by reducing swelling, pressure on the vessels decreases, which improves blood flow;
  • eliminates weight and pain;
  • relieves fatigue;
  • prevents the appearance of the vascular network.

Strengthening blood flow improves nutrition to muscles and all layers of the skin, tones blood vessels, and strengthens walls. As a result of the massage, the stagnation disappears. The procedure has almost the same effect as medical gymnastics.

Rules for effective and safe limb massage

Foot massage for varicose veins is a sensitive subject that requires certain knowledge and skills. The doctor must tell you how to do this correctly on their own. But it is better to trust a specialist in the physiotherapy department. Fundamental rules:

  • excludes a rough effect on the surface of the legs and massage in the area of dilated veins;
  • in classic hand massage, oil is used to better slide the hands of the masseuse;
  • massage techniques - gentle movements in circular motions, eliminating pressure;
  • the massage lines are always directed from the bottom to the top - from the foot along the shin to the knee and from the knee to the top of the thigh.

Lymphatic drainage massage does not require the use of oil or cream. At home, for self-massage, anti-varicose ointments can be used as an oil base.

Preparing for the procedure

The patient is placed on a flat surface. To facilitate the work of the masseuse, a special massage table is used. If the posterior surface of the legs is being worked, a roller is placed under the feet. To massage the front surface, the patient lies on their back and the rollers are placed under the feet and knees. At home, before a massage session, you can sit for 10-15 minutes with your legs raised in a lift to slightly reduce swelling.

preparation for massage with varicose veins

Massage varieties

In the treatment, various massage techniques are used, performed manually or with the aid of a special device. The classic massage technique and varicose veins are compatible when there are still no outward signs of the disease, but there are subjective feelings of tiredness and heaviness in the legs. Procedures are performed in daily courses or on alternate days worth 10-12 sessions. Massage technique for varicose veins should be prescribed by a phlebologist.

Lymphatic drainage

The most effective anti-varicose foot massage, according to doctors, is lymphatic drainage. It must be performed by a specialist, as the technique provides for the study of the lymph node location zones and the passage of lymphatic vessels. The massage starts on the buttocks and thighs, then moves to the lower leg and the feet are worked last.

lymphatic drainage massage for varicose veins

Gently rubbing the skin and pressing with the palms of the hands, the massage therapist travels along the lines of the lymphatic vessels, stimulating the drainage of accumulated fluid and cleaning the tissues of toxins. Lymphatic drainage massage cannot be performed every day. The course starts with 1 session per week and gradually increases up to 3 times if the patient tolerates the treatment well. It is advisable to do at least 15 procedures in total.

Anti cellulite

There are two anti-cellulite massage techniques that can be used for varicose veins:

  • lymphatic drainage (already mentioned above);
  • vacuum (will be discussed below).

Vacuum massage has several techniques. It is impossible to prescribe this type of massage alone, as a rule, it is prohibited in varicose veins. It is highly discouraged to do this in a beauty salon without consulting a doctor.


Like vacuum massage, honey massage has advocates and opponents among physicians. On the other hand, honey has a beneficial effect on tissues, improves blood circulation and nutrition, relieves swelling. On the other hand, a honey massage for leg varicose veins can be dangerous - the sticky consistency makes the effect intensify. Therefore, it is best to use it for preventive purposes and to relieve fatigue and heaviness in the limbs.

honey massage for varicose veins

Following the rules:

  • massage is not done more than once every seven days;
  • liquid honey is used (it can be warmed up a little in a bain-marie);
  • honey is not applied in places where there is a vascular network;
  • after the honey is distributed over the skin, it is rubbed gently with light kneading movements;
  • posterior massage is performed with light taps.


Self-massage is a good way to get out of a situation where there is no opportunity to visit a massage parlor. As part of a comprehensive treatment, self-massage of legs with varicose veins provides relief and helps prevent the development of pathologies. Performance:

  • massage is done in a sitting position with legs extended;
  • if a leg is affected by varicose veins, massage starts with a healthy limb;
  • direction of movement - from feet to knee and above;
  • the first movements are gentle, then the pressure can be slightly increased (make it as if you were pushing the liquid from below to the top);
  • followed by tingling first on the skin, then with the capture of subcutaneous adipose tissue;
  • finish the procedure with light shakes and muscle caresses.

Shake your leg a little after the massage is finished. The session for each leg should last no longer than 10 minutes. With the help of self-massage for varicose veins, it is possible to relieve tiredness and pain, get rid of edema. You need to do this every day.

self-massage for varicose veins


The hydromassage for varicose veins is not only useful, it is also a very pleasant procedure. You can also do it yourself. The ground rules are simple:

  • if using a contrast shower, start with warm water (not hot! );
  • pressure should be moderate;
  • do not hold the jets on certain parts of the legs;
  • the movements should be small circular;
  • do not direct the bath towards the dilated veins.
hydromassage under shower for varicose veins

Start by massaging your foot, watering it in a circular motion. Then move gently to your lower legs, directing the jets from below upward along the venous blood flow. Spend a minute on the knee - massage it in a circular motion. Do the same with the other leg. Finally, it is helpful to massage the reflex zone - the lower back with a shower.

To point

Acupressure massage is an effect on biologically active points on the legs. His second name is Tibetan. Stitch stimulation gives the following result:

  • improves local metabolism;
  • removes muscle spasm;
  • restores blood flow and tones blood vessels;
  • improves the body's protective functions.

Most often performed for the feet, but sometimes other parts of the leg are involved. It should be performed by a specialist who knows the location of the reflex points well.

Feet massage

Rubbing the feet has a beneficial effect on blood vessels, encourages fluid outflow and brings relief to tired legs. Massage starts with the toes, then the sole and back of the foot are rubbed. You need to start with a light caress, gradually increasing the intensity and pace. Foot massage will only have a therapeutic effect if the procedure is performed regularly.

foot massage for varicose veins


Another technique that works well for varicose veins is Taoist massage. It consists of a light effect on the surface of the legs with circular stroke passes. A mixture of basic and essential oils is preliminarily applied to the skin.

foot massage for varicose veins

The movements are performed from feet to hips, each repeated 10 times. Taoist foot massage for varicose veins at home is done once a week for 30 days.

unwanted massages

Not all types of massage are suitable for varicose veins, even in their early stages. The ban is due to its aggressive technique, which violates the integrity of the vessels.


Vacuum massage for varicose veins can be performed by hardware only. Modern devices for the procedure allow the configuration of an individual program. The invention of French Louis Paul Guite (his initials - LPG - and the technique is called) revolutionized cosmetology and brought some benefits from a medical point of view. GLP massage for varicose veins or vacuum roller massage certainly improves blood circulation in the lower extremities, stimulating lymph flow and destroying fat deposits.

But it is necessary to use this massage as an anti-varicose massage very carefully and only after a medical examination. Vacuum massage primarily serves as prophylaxis of the disease. It is beneficial only in the first symptoms of varicose veins with complete consistency of the venous valves, when there are no external manifestations of the disease. There is still no consensus among physicians about the safety of GLP massage for varicose veins.

The exposure technique consists in the fact that the handle, which is placed along predetermined parts of the legs, retracts the skinfold due to the vacuum. Inside the handle are two rollers that move in opposite directions, kneading the subcutaneous fat into the captured fold. With the help of a computer program, you can adjust the depth of capture and the intensity of movement of the reels. It is forbidden to influence the inner thighs and the popliteal fossa.

Vacuum massage for varicose veins


Suction cup massage is a type of vacuum massage. In principle, this procedure is well known - before, banks were opened for cough and bronchitis. The principle of operation is the same - irritatingly disturbing. Cupping massage is used as an anti-cellulite.

With varicose veins, it is categorically contraindicated. Under the action of vacuum, the capillaries are destroyed (this is why bruises form on the skin after the cans). And in the first stage of varicose veins, it is the small vessels that suffer first. It is better to take no chances and prefer a safer type of therapeutic massage.


Another type of massage prohibited for varicose veins is Thai. Its essence is the effect on the reflection points. But the method itself is unacceptable for diseased vessels. Pressing is not only done with the hands, but also with the elbow, knee, or wrist. There is a danger of damage not only to the diseased superficial vessels, but also to the compression of the deep veins.


Like any medicine, massage for leg varicose veins has contraindications:

  • thrombophlebitis and thrombosis;
  • trophic ulcers;
  • pronounced venous nodules;
  • dermatitis and itching;
  • inflammatory processes or infectious diseases;
  • High temperature;
  • cancers.

With varicose veins, therapeutic massage will only be beneficial if it is part of a complex therapy and its type and application are agreed with the doctor.