Methods of treatment of varicose veins

This direction is engaged in the doctor-phlebologist — specialist in vein diseases. Mandatory condition for the recovery phenomenon is a complex approach.

treatment of varicose veins

The main goals of treatment:

  • Compensation symptoms of venous insufficiency and improve the quality of life;
  • prevention of complications and Troubleshooting in the event of;
  • correction of aesthetic component.

All means of ridding the hell of the disease can be divided into 2 groups:

  1. Without surgery (conservative);
  2. surgical.

Conservative course includes the adjustment of lifestyle, diet, medications, use of compression hosiery. Such actions strengthen the vascular wall and eliminate the violation of the venous outflow.

Surgical intervention should always be accompanied by elements of conservative treatment. This speeds up the recovery process after surgery and improves the results.

Without surgery

This therapy of varicose veins should not be opposed to surgical treatment. Both directions are used together and complement each other. Non-surgical treatment as the only method used when contraindications for surgery, or have no need for it. Conservative methods do not cure the hell of varicose veins, however, improve health and can slow the rate of disease progression.

When used:

  • For preparation and surgical intervention of patients with advanced forms of chronic venous insufficiency (CVI);
  • there is an absolute or temporary contraindications Yes surgical intervention;
  • for the rapid elimination of signs of impaired blood flow;
  • for more rapid rehabilitation in the postoperative period.

The principal objectives of the conservative movement:

  • Prevention of complications and recurrence of the disease;
  • restoration and conservation work;
  • symptoms of CVI;
  • improving the quality of life.

Surgical intervention

When severe varicose veins only conservative of course not. That the effect persisted, you need to hold it constantly. This is due to the fact that bezoperatsionnye methods have only a supporting effect, therapy should be discontinued and the symptoms gradually begin to return.

When surgery is required?

  • The disease lasts for several years and there is a negative dynamics, despite ongoing therapy;
  • will need surgery for other diseases;
  • varicose veins "prevent" elimination of co-morbidities;
  • there is a high risk of thromboembolic complications;
  • phenomena appeared complications.

Surgical method is used for:

  • Rid of hell, the need for a permanent (lifetime) maintenance treatment;
  • the elimination of complications and ate of the symptoms of venous insufficiency;
  • speedy recovery and enhancement of efficiency of therapy;
  • achieve sustainable and lasting results;
  • quickly achieve cosmetic effect.

Principles of surgical intervention

The meaning of the treatment process is to remove the diseased veins. When planning surgery, the surgeon determines which blood vessels must be removed, and selects the most suitable app removal. The most common are as follows: phlebectomy, miniphlebectomy, the impact of laser (EVLT) or radiofrequency (RFA), sclerotherapy. More detailed information about the indications and contraindications of these procedures can be read here.

Deletion scientifically called phlebectomy. Traditionally considered combined phlebectomy, which includes several components:

  • Elimination of the source of the reflux (reverse blood flow) through sapheno-femoral or sapheno-popliteal anastomosis;
  • deliverance hell of reflux in incompetent perforating veins;
  • the removal of the main saphenous vein and tributaries extended.

Modern surgical techniques

Surgeons use modern methods that are less traumatic and can be performed on an outpatient basis. The rehabilitation period in minimally invasive procedures is faster and easier than after traditional surgery. Remember, before surgical manipulation requires training.

Sclerotherapy — elimination of spider veins by injecting a special drug inside which glues them. The process is performed under ultrasound control.

Miniphlebectomy — removal through punctures Yes 2-3 mm. without the need for stitches, and scars are virtually absent.

varicose veins surgery

Endovenous laser treatment (EVLT) — a minimally invasive technique that "seals" the defective main vein with a special laser device. The light guide installed in the vessel and transmits laser energy to the scene. Is performed under local anesthesia without incisions and hospitalization.

Radiofrequency ablation — RFA is similar to EVLO, except for the fact that it is on the vascular scene affects not laser radiation, and high temperature, the source of which are radio-frequency oscillations.

RFA and EVLO – the two most common endovenous procedures for correction of varicose veins. Their goal is to eliminate reflux in a large and/or small saphenous vein. Performed on an outpatient basis, under local anaesthesia with ultrasound control, without incisions and hospital stay.

Treat varicose veins on legs at home

Start with lifestyle changes to tackle the causes that provoke the development of disease. Add physical activity, to develop a balanced diet, to treat related diseases, which increase varicose manifestations (hypertension, obesity, diabetes, constipation, diarrhea, cough), pick the right shoes and orthotics, get rid of bad habits (Smoking, alcohol abuse).


A sedentary lifestyle can cause disease. To reduce the symptoms, fortify your leg muscles. It helps to restore the correct operation of the muscular-venous pump.

It is recommended to walk more, go swimming, do exercises that strengthen the legs: "Bicycle", "scissors", rotation stop, shoals of toes to heel and back, walk alternately on toes and heels, a variety of exercises with a rope. Practice Hiking, try using less Elevator.

When you perform work involving prolonged sitting or standing take regular short breaks to conduct physical exercises. Warm-up should be conducted every hour for 5-10 minutes. In this hour stagnated in the extremities the blood is "pumped out" and the legs became easier.

Watch power sports, lift weights – it can worsen the symptoms of the disease, to accelerate its progression. Hell they should be abandoned.

Compression therapy

Simple and effective treatment of varicose veins of the lower extremities – compression. Thanks to the mechanical compression of the vessels diameter is reduced, the leaves of the valve are closed, and the reverse flow becomes impossible. This method is good in the initial stages and phenomena is an essential component of the elimination of varicose veins at any intensity.

Compression can be achieved by bandaging with an elastic bandage or with the help of wearing special underwear. The use of gauze is now NOT recommended.

Depending on the level of ad and the degree of destruction of vessels provided by the compression socks, stockings, tights. All these products differ from each other by the compression level, color scheme, appearance, durability, quality material.

Wear compression stockings from morning evening Yes, all day, removing it only to sleep. Like any garment, it requires care: proper washing and drying.

The normalization of the mass a

Excess weight additionally to strain the circulatory system. Give weight a and rules with low-calorie diet and increased physical activity. Reduce excess weight by only 5 kg and is already causing a tangible effect. This reduces the heaviness in the lower limbs, night cramps disappear and the whole becomes easier.

To calculate the optimal weight according to the formula: supply = growth– 100 +/- 10%. For example, with height 170 cm person should weigh a hell of 63 and 77 kg (170-100 +/-7).


When drafting diet, consider that "antivarikozny" food serves several purposes:

  • Improvement of the vascular wall and reduce the risk of thrombosis;
  • prevention of constipation;
  • normalization of weight.

A hedgehog should contain a sufficient amount of fiber. It is useful to eat sea food, vegetable oils, especially unrefined.

Drinking regime

Drinking enough water helps to prevent constipation and blood clots. It is recommended to drink at least 2 litres of fluid a day. Not to consider drinking the liquid, I recommend a simple not to suffer thirst. As soon as you want to drink, you need to do it, not leaving for later. The organism itself knows when and how much water he needs, giving us a sense of thirst.

Exaction of shoes and insoles

Do treat varicose veins the one who adheres to medical advice, including on the correct selection of shoes. It should be comfortable and have a heel no more than 5 cm.

The use of orthotic insoles are very useful. They support the arch of the foot, unload it and ensure the correct biomechanics of movements. Muscle-venous pump thus runs more efficiently.

Physical therapy

Help and main course – physiotherapy. Yes, they are douches, magnetic therapy, BIOPTRON, ultrasound. In the home use devices "Almag", "Vitafon".

Hell sauna, Solarium, hot wraps when varicose veins should be discarded in order to avoid the development of pathology and phenomena of the appearance of complications.

treatment of varicose veins at home

Folk remedies to combat varicose veins

Traditional medicines can be used as a Supplement and the main therapy. Well established decoctions of herbs (chamomile, field horsetail, horse chestnut, Hypericum, nettle). They are used for oral administration and in form of compresses and foot baths.

Yes sorry, most folk remedies have a weak effect and have a short effect, which requires a long and regular use. They are retreating before modern methods and lose their relevance.

All of these items (diet, Shoe selection, exercise) are suitable for home therapy. But modern surgical techniques do not require the hell you are in hospital – many of them performed on an outpatient basis. The main thing – to adhere strictly to medical advice and in case of doubt consult the doctor.

Antivarikozny medication

The drugs prescribed for pathology, divided into several groups according to their mechanism of action:

  • Antiplatelet agents. It is believed that reduce the risk of blood clots, however, convincing scientific evidence are available only in respect but their preventive effect on the formation of atherosclerotic plaques in the arteries.
  • Venotonic. Fortify venous a scene, reduce the swelling. This is the most frequently used group of drugs.
  • Anticoagulants. Drugs based on heparin thin the blood, used to prevent and treat blood clots. Exist in the form of tablets, injections and ointments.
  • Angioprotectors and proofreaders microcirculation. Improve blood circulation, microcirculation and vascular system.

When phenomena Alen complications in the form of trophic ulcers apply healing remedies and bandages for various purposes. Treatment of ulcers of the ad depends on the stage of the process, AB the pit of the tissue defect and other factors. In each situation, the treatment course is assigned individually.

Is it possible to cure varicose veins without doctors?

There is a perception that going Yes doctors need if "push". But do not forget that the early initiation of treatment brings better results, recovery is easier.

Treated by a doctor by far more efficiently. But it is not obvious that it is also cheaper. The costs of drugs and procedures are lower than in self-medication, because I have directed and take into account the specific features of your body.

Yes, I do get patients who were using ineffective methods of treatment of varicose veins on the legs. They spend on a single trip to the pharmacy a bit of money, but the effect is short-lived. Patients have to buy medications often and long hours. All of this translates into large bags.

If you decide to self-medicate, completely eliminating the assistance of a doctor, then ask yourself: "either I Win this hell"?

Tasks of phlebology:

  1. Make sure that the problems with the lower extremities caused by varicose veins and only them. If the cause of the disease is different, or there are other diseases, the effectiveness of the exchange rate without considering comorbidity would be low.
  2. Pick efficient drugs that you can accept and the presence of other existing illnesses. You must take into account the interaction of all the drugs taken.
  3. To pick up compression stockings. Yes buying products, you need to decide what it should be (so the knee and hip), as well as to understand the necessary degree of compression.

The effectiveness of self-struggle with dilated veins can be estimated by the senses. If the blood pressure treatments and medicines becomes easy and comfortable, you can continue to use them. If you feel discomfort, there are side effects, phenomena there is an additional complaint, you must contact the doctor! Perhaps something goes wrong and requires correction treatment.


There are many methods. And the task of the doctor – the choice of tactics that will provide a fast and stable result. I recommend a combination therapy that includes a variety of treatments and directions. It is the complexity helps to defeat varicose veins.