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  • The first crown to come out on the leg and the periodic swelling are not always very disturbing. But maybe it's worth starting treatment right away to avoid irreversible consequences?
    13 July 2021
  • The causes of varicose veins and possible complications from varicose veins. Male and female predisposing factors. Principles of treatment of varicose veins and their prevention.
    11 June 2021
  • Types of varicose veins during pregnancy (vagina, lips, perineal region), symptoms of varicose veins of Organs genitals, causes of the disease, diagnosis, classic treatment and with the help of folk remedies, dangers and complications, preventive measures.
    11 January 2021
  • The benefits and rules for performing therapeutic exercises for varicose veins. Preventive gymnastics.
    10 January 2021